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About the Network

In our experience, we find that most of our readers prefer to use local trades and services. The Network Magazine has a proven track record as a primary source of information on local businesses in the areas we distribute to.

Our reader feedback tells us that because of the size, content, professional look and feel of the Network it is an invaluable resource for local householders. As well as being informative, we also offer a selection of articles, business profiles, puzzles, competitions and community information.

As a customer of the Network Magazine you will notice a big difference between us and other advertising media – we offer a personal service and high quality artwork (free of charge). Unlike any other advertising media, we publish our exact delivery routes and promise to deliver on time, every time.

We offer very competitive rates for our advertisers and we are able to offer all this from as little as just 1 pence per household.

Categories Explained

The Network Magazine has a policy of only allowing a maximum of three advertisers in their primary categories to ensure that enquiries are not diluted and spread thinly amongst too many businesses all offering the same service.

It is fair to say that for larger jobs households will look to get three quotes from reputable local businesses and therefore the Network will be the ideal place for them to look. Other categories have a maximum of two per trade of profession while for certain more specialist industries the market is such that only one can be justified.

We are also aware that many businesses have more than one string to their bow and many offer other services.  Where this is the case, a business will only be listed under their ‘Primary’ business heading. This process is more of an art than a science and there are many grey areas, but we always strive to keep all of our advertisers happy. Sometimes though, this is not always possible and the final decision will lie with the editor.

We could easily take a lot more bookings if we did not have these category restrictions in place but our aim is for long-term success of all our advertisers and not short-term gain for ourselves.