Tips for a successful advert

Creating a successful advert doesn’t need to be difficult.
Most adverts follow simple rules and demonstrate effective ways of why potential customers should take notice of your business.

Your Target Audience

Optimising your marketing strategy begins with understanding your target audience. Knowing who you want to reach simplifies the entire process and maximises the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. To do this, consider the following factors.


If you’re uncertain about the reach of a particular publication, don’t hesitate to inquire.

By focusing on these parameters, you can tailor your advertising strategies to resonate with your target audience.

target audience
successful advert


The first thing you have to do is grab people’s attention.

Colours and Fonts

A good choice of colours and a font that is easy to read will help you stand out. Think about the type of people you’re appealing to; would your advert benefit from more relaxing colours such as pastels?

By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure that your advert not only captures attention but also aligns well with your brand and message.

colour advert(1)
colours and fonts


Images within an advert serve as a powerful tool for capturing attention and conveying messages quickly.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with information, compelling images can be the difference between an advert that is overlooked and one that resonates and drives action.

What Sets You Apart?
Unique Selling Points (USPs)

To make an impact and stand out in a competitive market, it’s crucial to emphasise what makes your business unique.

unique selling point

Call to Action

Having a clear ‘call to action’ is very important, encouraging them to take action is the next step, so this would either be to contact you direct or go to your website.

This information needs to be easy to find and legible. If you have a local number please include this, as Network magazine readers like to see that you are actually local.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to get it wrong on designing your own advert!

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The advertising tips listed above are only the basics, they should apply to most advertisements, but depending on your purpose and audience, it can be different.

With a little guidance from yourself on content, you can leave the rest to us.