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Infrared Outdoor Heaters for Homes and Businesses

Our diverse range of outdoor heating technology has been a highly trusted source for home, trade and commercial customers.

Sales of patio heaters in the UK are rising due to more and more people spending their time outdoors. Social distancing and fluctuating cases of coronavirus is changing how people socialise, and by spending more time outdoors with friends and family it is helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Having a luxury patio heater outside makes your time more enjoyable, making your guests feel warmer and more comfortable.
Traditional outdoor heaters fuelled by gas or oil will attempt to heat the surrounding air, which is far from ideal. This warmth will simply rise up and escape your garden or outdoor space sooner rather than later.
However, infrared outdoor heaters will propel warmth onto surrounding objects, which absorb this energy and slowly release it. This is similar to how the sun heats the earth and is much more efficient and effective than the alternatives. Infrared heaters are: Silent, Safe, Eco-Friendly, Cost-effective and require zero maintenance.
Due to their efficient nature, indoor infrared heaters are becoming increasingly popular too, as they do not dry the air or lose warmth through ventilation.
WPG has a large range of outdoor/indoor infrared heaters. Whether you need a freestanding heater, hanging heater or the latest infrared heater we will be able to accommodate you. WPG would love to give your home or garden this extra warmth. We would be delighted to personally help you to achieve the best results for your needs.
For more information please contact us via our website www.wpgshop.co.uk or talk to us directly on 01268 727823.

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