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A design-led architectural practice dedicated to delivering spatial interventions for your family to grow and thrive in.


Studio Forty Architects: From concept to completion without the worry.


When people embark on a building project, they often spend a considerable amount of time worrying. Worrying about planning permission, which building company to appoint, whether the project will be delivered on time, if their budget is sufficient and whole raft of other things.

But what if, from the outset, they had someone working with them on their project who could advise and guide them through the whole process? Someone who, not only knows how to ensure a project runs smoothly, but who is also an expert in helping people turn their ideas and visions into reality.

If like many people, you thought an architect’s involvement in building projects was simply to create drawings, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Studio Forty is quite different.

Based in Billericay, Studio Forty is a RIBA Chartered architects’ practice with a firm belief that architecture should be rooted in understanding a client’s needs and context.

Studio Forty works with clients of all types, through every stage of the design and construction process of their project. From the initial consultation, where we seek to understand what a client wants and needs a project to achieve, through the local planning process, selection and appointment of contractors, managing the project build and through to final completion.

At Studio Forty we help turn people’s dreams into reality by creating spaces which enhance their lives – whilst also reducing the stress involved in getting there.

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