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Let GreenThumb create the lawn we both love.


With warmer, longer days on the horizon, the beautiful bright colours of your garden are best enjoyed alongside a lush, green lawn. GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service will ensure your lawn reaches its full potential as a weed-free, healthy, and well-loved lawn.

As summer approaches, it’s essential that you keep your lawn healthy and strong in preparation for the rising temperatures, increased humidity, and reduced rainfall; this is where our ‘Summer Ready’ Treatment can help.
It features a fully coated fertiliser designed to give your lawn a timed-release on nutrition over several months, feeding your grass and stimulating growth. It also includes a weed control, keeping your lawn at its best ready for summer.

With our ‘Summer Ready’ Treatment, you’ll also receive an application of our fantastic water conserver, Oasis. Now is the perfect time for an ‘Oasis Treatment’ as it helps your soil to make the best use of any available moisture, meaning you’ll need to water up to 80% less. It also improves the quality of your grass, benefits root development and helps with stress tolerance; what’s not to love!

Now is the time to implement a regular mowing regime to help your lawn be the best it can be. It’s important that your mower blades are kept sharp to avoid causing damage to the grass plant. Don’t cut your grass too short as this will weaken it, attracting unwanted weeds. When dry, we advise raising the height of your cut from 1″ up to 2″ and give it a good drink the day after mowing.

Let’s create the lawn we both love.

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